Why Kallal Trading?

At Kallal Trading, we take pride in the range of spices and home products that we bring to our trading partners.

We ensure that all grades of products are clearly marked, labelled and sold with due attention to the quality of each. We are highly transparent in our packaging and storage processes, and you can rest assured that the product that reaches you is of the highest quality for the price.

Our Internal Quality System is continually evolving to meet the changing needs of our customers while ensuring that our clients receive only the highest quality of spices at all times.

Our straight-from-the-source procurement strategy also ensures that there is no adulteration in the products sold as it passes down the supply chain to the retailer and then the consumer. We work with farmers and cooperatives around the world to ensure that we can offer the best value possible.

In addition, our huge bouquet of products ensures that we are a one-stop trading partner for spices.

Value Proposition

Top quality products backed by top class service at affordable prices.


To offer top quality products, exceptional service, highest value and the most compelling buying experience to our customers.


To be the trusted partner for spices for our customers.

Kallal Trading’s partners affirm our experience in the industry, honesty, professionalism and commitment to deadlines.

So work with Kallal Trading. For value. For quality. For trust.