Kallal Trading

High quality spices.
Straight from the farm.

Variety is the spice of life - and our mission is to enrich people's lives with a variety of spices! That's why we at Kallal Trading are passionate about trading in spices that are of good quality, carefully sourced and of the lowest cost possible.

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A rich history of quality.
A deep commitment to value.

We have been in the business of spicing up trade since 2015! Kallal Trading works with farmers around the world to source the best quality of spices for the price. From cloves to dals, rice to cinnamon and beyond, our trading partners can rest assured - you will not find better value than at Kallal Trading.

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Why Kallal Trading?

With an eclectic range of interests and investments, the Kallal Group has been offering pioneering trading solutions for the past 20+ years. With strong ties among farmers, traders and cooperative societies, Kallal is perfectly placed to offer the maximum possible value to you. No matter your requirement.

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