Pichammai Educational and Charitable Trust was born with the vision to provide support for healthcare, better education, food security, and nutrition to all segments of the society, aid the families of employees and extend the goodwill to the community around. The trust launched its first Community Canteen, in both Kallal, and Karaikudi — located in the Sivaganga District of Tamil Nadu — serving unlimited, healthy and nutritious meals, at a cost of Rs. 10/- to anyone who may walk in. This project garnered the interest, and the goodwill, of civic society, which was aptly captured by the media as follows:


The success story, and its exclusive coverage, enabled the trust to extend its support to Sivaganga Government Hospital, delivering an RO plant for public usage.

In the recent Pandemic, the trust played an active role in Kallal, and its surrounding towns, in providing substantial aid towards government efforts, additionally helping to dispense basic essentials to homes in-and-around the area.

Pichammai Educational and Charitable Trust is spearheaded by a circle of five trustees, with its Principal Trustee being Mr.Saravannan Palaniappan, while Mr.Vijayananth Vinayagamoorthy, Mr. Vijay Dwarakananthan, , Mr. Kunal Shah, and Mr. Sundaram complete this circle.