Kallal Agro Processors

About Us

Parallel to the Kallal Agro Farm venture, the Kallal Group has launched the Kallal Agro Processors. Under this venture, the Group has embarked on its first elaborate project of erecting a Mega Food Park, close to Madurai.

About the Mega Food Park

The park — which has gained the buffer of government subsidies — has been designed to repurpose parcels of the acquired land, into land banks. This will allow the development and maintenance of large-scale warehouse facilities, and food processing units, within the same radius of the farmlands. Such units will facilitate the extraction of oil from fruits and vegetables such as pepper, onion etc., and also produce vegetable powders and salts.

Why Kallal Agro Processors

The scale and singularity of this Food Park, will empower the effortless functioning of a fluidAgro System, that can directly procure raw materials harvested from the farmlands and process and convert them to consumable packaged food, all in the same vicinity.